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Home Remodel Project: Fireplace

Looking for a quick remodel project this season to warm up your living room or den? It is winter after all and fireplaces will get the most use during the coldest months. When the fire is a-blazin’ your fireplace becomes the focal point of the room where it resides. This is a great time to […]

Garage Party: Harvest Festival

The leaves have changed color and dropped from trees and soon, Thanksgiving season will arrive. This is harvest season here in Willamette Valley and our region is certainly known for its bounty of beautiful fruits and vegetables. Why not celebrate the harvest season with a block party? We love a good garage party at Red […]

Remodeling Jobs: Prayer Room

Finding yourself in need of a quiet place to meditate or pray? You might consider selecting a room or corner of your home as a dedicated Prayer Room. There are many places in your home that could become a Prayer Rooms – from empty bedrooms to quiet nooks where you once stored old books. Easy Remodel Ideas: […]

Garage Remodel: Craft Corner

In this month’s edition of our “Garage Remodel” blog, we’re looking at creating a Craft Room for our client. Example: A Red Umbrella client works full-time but has a passion for arts and crafts. She loves beadwork, textiles and paper mache pottery. She and her husband have a three-car garage and she wants to use […]

2017 Festivals around Eugene

Fall is such a delicious time of year, isn’t it! It’s still warm enough to play outside but without the high heat of summer. It’s the perfect time to get out to some of our regions festivals! Whether you’re a fan of music, the arts, cosplay, film or other creative offerings, there is a fall […]

So, You’re Thinking About Remodeling?

Looking to add a garage to your home or commercial space? Or perhaps you need a remodel of your kitchen, bathroom or living areas in your house? Red Umbrella Services offers a variety of build options. We’ve been in business in Eugene for more than 25 years. Our projects have included General Contracting, Restaurant Construction, […]

Red Umbrella Services

In today’s world, Red Umbrella Services realizes that individuals and businesses alike need someone who can cost-effectively create the space needed to make your dreams a reality. Red Umbrella Services offers quality construction work for garages and houses and other living and working spaces in Eugene, Oregon and throughout Willamette Valley and western Oregon. Garages […]