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Who is Red Umbrella?

Red Umbrella Services has over 40 years in the Construction Trades:

Bari Swartz’s background is that of a General Contractor, Electrical Supervisory Master Electrician in several U.S. States (Oregon, North Carolina, New England States; Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and New York), Facility Manager, Designer and now creating superb Garages with Red Umbrella Services.

We take great pride in our relationships as we maintain a very high level of professional standards.

We serve clients throughout the Oregon area providing Garages both the traditional stick frame and SIP- Structural Insulated Panels.

More Than a Garage

A Custom Garage can be designed to be more then parking. It can provide much needed living space, room for storage items, a recreational room, or an area to spend time working on hobbies.
Your Garage is a part of the home and a solid investment.
Many potential buyers consider this a must-have and may not consider the home if it does not have one. Because of the valuable benefits of the extra square footage, it will not be difficult to recuperate the costs when it is time to sell. According to Remodeling Magazine you can expect to see a solid return on investment.
Most homes built today include a garage. However, if you are looking to upgrade an older home or you are building one for the first time, seriously consider including a garage. Aside from providing a place to keep Cars protected from climate elements, extending their longevity, a garage offers a number of other benefits. As you contemplate the optimal garage, consider the following information to develop a plan that fits your needs.
Your Custom Garage will provide extra space for Storing Tools, Lawn care and Sports Equipment and other items your family wants to keep. If project space is necessary, building a larger garage accommodates the room for workbenches and your future projects.
For homes that can accommodate more space, consider including a second level to the garage. The second level is a much-needed master bedroom, a mother-in-law suite, or a fully functioning apartment that can be rented or an office space or just providing addition income.

Once your Custom Garage goals are determined- how large it needs to be. How many vehicles will it hold? Will it have a workshop? This determines whether a single, double, or triple garage is required. Will standard sizing accommodate all of your storage?

We have a variety of garage styles and sizes to meet your needs. Red Umbrella Services specializes in custom garage designs and sizes to meet your specific needs.

Any Size – No matter how big or small, Red Umbrella can create a custom garage for you. Whether the garage will hold only the family car and some lawn equipment or your entire classic car collection, we can build a garage to meet your specific needs.

Storage Capacity – If you cannot part with the family treasures, but do not have room to store them in your home, Red Umbrella can build you a garage to safely tuck them away.

Any Style – Red Umbrella assists you in selecting a garage design that will compliment the appearance of your house. Our artisan family can build any style that meets your needs including, gable roof garages, reverse gable garages, hip roof garages, mansard roof garages, flat roof garages, roof deck garages or gambrel garages.

Is the garage of your dreams attached to the house or does is stand-alone? Your choices are attached or detached/stand- alone…each option has new ideas of use. Attached Garages are ideal for staying dry on cold rainy mornings and detached garages allow for the use of loud mechanical equipment any hour of the day. Building a detached garage also offers the ability to hide it from street view. Your detached garage aids in privacy as well as curb appeal if an oversized garage is required or desired. Red Umbrella believes that most people that have the opportunity to build a new garage or increase their existing garage space will do so. A garage not only offers you practical benefits on a daily basis, it also significantly increases the overall value and efficiency of your property. We offer a huge selection of garage plans that feature one to six bays. Most people are interested in the two-car plan, or garage apartments or three car garage designs. We have conveniently organized garage plans into groups so it is easier to find the design of your choice quickly. If you know, the dimensions of the garage plan you are looking for, you can search by width and depth for your plan. When considering and planning your new garage project, go bigger when possible. You will never regret having the additional storage space for bicycles, a lawnmower, garden tools, sporting equipment, shop area, etc.