Finding yourself in need of a quiet place to meditate or pray? You might consider selecting a room or corner of your home as a dedicated Prayer Room. There are many places in your home that could become a Prayer Rooms – from empty bedrooms to quiet nooks where you once stored old books.

Easy Remodel Ideas:

You could turn your garage into a retreat or build a man-cave or she-shed in the yard. Here are some ideas for creating a Prayer Room inside your home:

  • Space. Some people need a tiny square of the floor to sit and become mindful. Others need a table, chairs, a couch, room for a large altar. What does prayer might look like to you? Are you sitting cross-legged, upon a pillow? Or are you lying comfortably on a lounger? Can you easily reach the items you need to guide your meditation? Or will you walk to them as needed? Choose the space to match what you need.
  • Energy. Are you a Sun person or do you crave shade? Do you need fresh air on your face or is that distracting? Do you feel calmer when you face a particular direction? Imagine how you might feel in your new space.
  • Color. The colors of your prayer room will set the mood. Do you prefer bright, uplifting colors (bright blues, purples, vibrant reds)? Or soft, calming colors (dove grey, sage green, light rose or butter yellow)? We recommend you paint before adding accessories.
  • Floor. Carpet is quieter, however you might prefer hard wood. If you have hard wood in your space, select one or two area rugs that complement your wall color choice.
  • Furnishings. From seating options (chair, balance ball, couch) to altars, cabinets, shelves and more. What does your space need to hold you and the items you’ll require?
  • Accessories. Fill the space with everything you’ll need. Pillows and prayer beads, candles and china tea cups. Incense, paintings, books, lamps, flowers, statues and anything that will help you find your center. Maybe it’s pictures of your children, or your ancestors. Maybe it’s aromatherapy or a yoga mat. Perhaps you want bowls of water or small trinkets from past travels.buddha
Get Inspired:

Install new windows for an airtight space or upgrade to cork or wood flooring. Open the closet and install new cabinets for an altar or storage. Or, expand a corner of your room for the purpose of prayer.

We hope that whatever space you choose – inside or outside your home – that you find the peace to be happy, healthy and productive!