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In this month’s edition of our “Garage Remodel” blog, we’re looking at creating a Craft Room for our client. Example: A Red Umbrella client works full-time but has a passion for arts and crafts. She loves beadwork, textiles and paper mache pottery. She and her husband have a three-car garage and she wants to use a section of the garage as her crafting space. We love Arts and Crafts and are excited to help her create a crafting space!

Garages don’t have to be masculine spaces. They don’t need to be simply storage. They can be DO rooms – rooms of activity and creativity. A garage is perfect for someone who finds that they feel most free outside of their home. By creating a separate space in your garage for your projects, you might feel that sense of remove from the clutter and responsibility of the house.

Garage Remodel


Take a look at Pinterest for ideas on how to turn your garage into a craft room. Here are some suggestions from us:

  1. Sewing Room: You can easily store fabric in plastic bins, stacked on shelves. Add an adjustable shower bar between cabinets to hang larger pieces of fabric from, sheathed in plastic to keep the dust off. Nail mason jars lids under shelves to hang glass jars with fabric scraps, buttons and sewing shears.
  2. Yarn Barn: Love to crochet or knit, macramé or weave? Who doesn’t love those silky strings and imagine what they can weave into? You can install posts into a moveable floor board and slide spools of yarn onto it for storage. Working with large-scale projects, like blankets? Why not mount a wire rack to the wall? Your project can suspend from the rack while you work on it.
  3. Tape and Wrapping station: Are you one of those women who just loves to wrap gifts? Do friends and neighbors come to you at holiday season with a wink? Turn a section of garage into a wrapping station. Just imagine a wall cabinet full of Washi tape and foil paper!
  4. Glitter Garage: Do you have little ones that want everything in their life to sparkle? Use that extra room in the garage to celebrate everything glitter and glitz. This could be for temporary seasons in your life, like when the kids are young. Tack up plastic drop cloths onto the walls and floor. When your children have passed out of their glitter phase, simply remove the cloths and move on to new hobby.
Get Inspired:

Sewing, scrapbooking, stenciling, snipping, sculpture: what can’t you do? Man Cave, She Shed, Babe Cave: what can you imagine turning your garage into? The sky(light) is the limit!

Whatever your passion project may be, your garage just might be the ideal space to do it. Need a little help imagining how to make it happen? Call Red Umbrella Services at 541.515.3843 for a consultation. Let your imagination inspire us!