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Are you at a pivot point in life, a place of change? Thinking about doing something bold and different with your life?

Reinvention is the American pastime – we all seek to transform our lives and the way we feel about ourselves. Midlife and quarter-life crises, empty nest syndrome, post-divorce, widowhood – these major life events can make us question what we’re doing and whether it really fills our soul.

Professional changes are often ways that we seek to do something different with the hope that it will make us feel differently. Have you been thinking of giving up the day job for one a more creative, a little less restrained? Maybe you’ve been wondering how to blend your natural talents with what you’re passionate about?

Many people feel more peaceful and productive when they share their lives with their pets. For people at a place of change in their lives, they might think about how to connect their passion for animals with their desire for a more productive career.

Have you been thinking of opening a Dog kennel? Do you love to spend time with our furry friends, walking and communicating with the canines in your neighborhood? Do you dream of creating a safe haven where neglected mutts can spend their days? Have you ever thought about creating a Dog Kennel in your own backyard garage?

Of course, as with starting any business, you need sound advice and a practical business plan. We would encourage you to spend time first at a dog kennel. Volunteer your time at your local shelter, groomer or kennel so that you understand the needs of your business.

Meet with a financial planner to help you structure your business. Will you be a non-profit or do you want to earn a living from your kennel?

Then you have to think about marketing and advertising. Where will you find your clients? If you’ve already been working as a dog groomer or dog walker, tell your clients about your dreams.

Then, when you have all your ducks in a row and you’re ready to start creating your business, you can start looking at options for space. Dogs need a comfortable place, one that is climate-controlled and with access to a lawn and water.

Garages can be ideal spaces for businesses. Essentially, they are blank slates and you can make them into whatever you like. A kennel might be a great garage business because it keeps you close to home and within your own neighborhood – where some of your clients and their pooches live.

For remodel ideas, you can check out several of our previous blogs so that you understand how to prep your space, design and manage a business in your garage.

We hope your business goes to the dogs – in the best way possible! We love our furry friends and support your entrepreneurial spirit. If you’d like a consult on remodeling your garage for your new venture, call Red Umbrella Services at 541.515.3843.