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Red Umbrella Services works with many homeowners who want to get rid of their daily drive and work from their home. Garages can affordably convert into office space. Not only will you save money on gas, but you’ll also spend less on food.

If you’re not using your garage, this is a great way to repurpose the space. A garage/office remodel is a short process – taking weeks, not months and perhaps a few thousand dollars versus applying for a large home modification loan. Here’s what to consider when planning your garage office remodel:

First Steps

First, clean out your garage. Rent a power cleaner and use an industrial reach broom to get at all those cobwebs. For other cleaning tips on garages go to our previous blog.


Will you be sitting most of the day? Then you’ll want to use tile or wood floors. But if you’ll be standing, you might choose a rubberized floor system, like this one from Oregon’s own EcoFloors (based in Portland).


Plan how everything will be organized and laid out, according to what will be most efficient for you. Desk in one corner, supplies in another, work table to the left, seating for clients. You can even design a place for your pets to watch you work! What layout will allow you to be most productive?

If you need to install a wifi/router system, make sure you plan that with your service provider. Do you need task lighting? Is the furniture comfortable enough?

Personalize the space with whatever will inspire you. If you love the color orange, splash that color in surprising places. Install a nap nook or design cabinetry to have personal items close by.


Offices can be zones of disorder, so think ahead to your organizational needs. If you have supplies, products, merchandise – plan ahead to keep the clutter down. Multifunctional cabinets may be a great option. Red Umbrella Services offers free estimates for design and remodeling.


We’re fortunate in Oregon to live in a moderate climate – most times of the year. But during the hottest summer and coldest winter days you’re going to need climate control. For an economical solution, you can install space heaters and window air conditioner units – provided that you can do so safely. Let us know if you’d like a referral for an HVAC specialist for a more thorough heating and cooling system.

Permits and Taxes

Yes, if you’re doing any construction or remodeling, you need to apply for a permit. Here’s a link to Eugene’s application process: https://www.eugene-or.gov/389/Permits

Don’t forget: if you’re using your garage (or part of it) for an office, that means you need other option for parking. Check with the city on street parking requirements.

Check with your accountant on what will work best for your business.

You also need to ask your insurance provider about increased liability coverage.

Convert your garage into a home office!

If you’d like more information on a garage remodel from Red Umbrella Services, call us at 541.515.3843.