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So, the kids have headed off to school… They’re in, they’re out and nothing is in the right place. You’re working, your spouse is working and in between you’re shuttling the kids all over town. But every time you run back in the house you notice something that needs fixing.

Remodeling during the school year seems impractical. But, as the kids get older, you’re constantly being reminded of how much smaller your house feels every year. Are you going to wait until next summer to start your remodeling or repair projects?

Believe it or not, there are home improvement projects that you can tackle even during the busy school year. Maybe there’s a project you’d like to finish before the holidays? Fall is a hectic time but that doesn’t mean there isn’t leeway for home repairs and small remodels.


You can upgrade your bathroom upgrade in just a weekend! Install new fixtures, a beautiful new beadboard or wainscoting, refinish the tub or freshen up the paint. As long as you have another bathroom, this can be a quick weekend project.


Or, how about kitchens? Do you have enough seating? How about installing a bench with storage along one wall to add extra seating room? Or you can install a new pantry or put in an island. These projects could be done in less than a week. Paint a chalk wall or update your moldings – these be accomplished in just a long weekend. Or, for a quick one-day project, how about a new tile splash guard behind your sink or a hood over your stove? Don’t forget there are excellent low-cost options available through resale stores and Habitat Restore’s. If you want a one-hour improvement on your kitchen, just do a super-scrub of the cabinet doors and install new handles!



Bedrooms are our personal spaces. If your kids are lucky, they each have their own bedrooms that they can personalize. But when it’s time to spruce up one of the kid’s bedrooms, just move one bed into another room. It will do those kids good to spend a week or two sharing a space while one gets a spiffy new look to their room. Update paint colors. Install new flooring. Give them a wall-mounted TV to thank them for not killing their brother/sister while sharing their room! Update ceiling options, install a fan or new energy-saving windows. Get the kids involved, too! Don’t just let them pick out their favorite colors and hang a poster or two up – let them put a little sweat equity into their space.

Don’t forget to rest and recover during your home remodel projects. Whether you’re adding a new mudroom, installing cabinets in your garage, recaulking the tub or helping your son tape off the corners of his room to paint, you need to feel energized.

After all, once you start the small, weekend home improvement repairs you never know when you might get inspired to tackle a big project!