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So, you’re one of those gals who voraciously reads home building magazines and imagines putting your own personal touch on that older home you bought. You’re a busy working woman and investing in a 40-50 year old home (or older) was more feasible than building your dream house. You knew that with your own hard work and elbow grease, you could turn that fixer-upper into your own palace.

Those fix-it magazines and blogs and websites are sure addictive, aren’t they?! But sometimes it’s hard to decide – what should I do? Maybe you only have a small amount of money available, for a project. Maybe you don’t have six weeks to spend on a big remodel. Perhaps you want to take on something that won’t require you to hire laborers. Maybe you aren’t strong enough to tackle something really big.

But you want to personalize your home. You want to put your unique and imaginative spin on a room, any room, in your home.

One of the best rooms to re-do in any home, is the bathroom. Bathrooms pack a punch, when it comes to recouping your investment. They’re also the one room of the house where you can make a statement. You can go wild and fanciful, or bold and nostalgic. The sky (or the skylight, in this case) is really the limit.

bathroom remodel

Real estate professionals say that any money you invest in either bathrooms or kitchens will automatically return to you, so whatever money you have set aside is a great place to start for a bathroom reinvention.


A full remodel will likely cost you around $10,000. A bathroom upgrade, around $5,000. A simple update, around $1000. But you can spend even just a couple hundred dollars and put your personal touch on your home bathroom.

Let’s talk about upgrading a bathroom, on a budget:

Got five dollars? Brighten your tile and remove grout.

Got ten dollars? Salvage a towel rack with a mirror finish.

Got fifteen dollars? Paint the floor (try a glossy porch paint for a strong, classy look).

Got twenty dollars? Tile the countertop.

Got twenty-five dollars? Make your own wallpaper.

Got thirty dollars? Refinish your fixtures.

Got forty dollars? Install mirror tiles

Got fifty dollars? Frame out a mirror – try shopping at your local Habitat for Humanity Restore for salvage goods.

Got seventy-five dollars? Install an updated lighting fixture.

Got one hundred dollars? Install wainscoting.

Make sure you take advantage of the classes offered at your local home improvement stores. There are great people there who love to mentor others and might offer discounts for materials.

Bath remodel

You can see how piecing out your bathroom re-do can cost you just hundreds of dollars, not necessarily thousands. Continue to follow our blog here for great ideas for home improvement you can do yourself. And, when you’re ready for a bigger project, call Red Umbrella Services. We are affordable, local and will work within your budget to help you create the home of your dreams.