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Running out of space to store your dry food items? Tired of the clutter? If you’re going to clean you might as well expand your pantry?

You could touch up the paint on your pantry, or put in some new shelf liners. Maybe add updated storage to better sort your food supplies. Or you could remodel your pantry!


First, look at your pantry. What isn’t working? Are your taller bottles (vinegars, olive oils) crammed into one shelf? Are you constantly reaching toward the back for the same everyday items? Do you need more shelving, or simply better organization? Is there enough light? Are certain items constantly finding themselves on your counters because you use them so frequently? Look at what isn’t working first before designing your new pantry.

When designing a new pantry, there are several items to plan in advance: Shelving, Lights, Electrical Outlets and Other features.


Do you want solid shelves or wire? Movable or fixed? Typically you’ll want heavier items (small appliances, large boxes of baking goods) on the bottom and smaller go-to items (spices, canned goods, snacks) closer to the top. There are benefits to each type of shelving, and potential drawbacks. Wire shelves are usually part of a track system that will let you move your shelves around from time to time. But they can be harder to clean since there more grooves, or nooks and crannies. Plus, things can leak down several levels if not sealed off properly. We recommend a combination: Wire racks at the top so that you can move items around as needed, with fixed solid shelving for those larger, bulkier items at the bottom.


The better you can see what’s in your pantry, the more efficient it will be. That includes having easy access to your daily-use items as well as for cleaning. Installing a lighting system will help illuminate your pantry and provide for more efficiency. You can install no-plug lights in a couple corners and totally change your pantry visibility.

Electrical Outlets

Small appliances (mini-food processors and spice grinders) might store better in your pantry. Why not provide electrical access to them there? Consult with a licensed electrician for a project like this.


What other things would only you think of? Are you a baker with lots of powdered sugar and edible glitter floating around? Maybe those shelves need a removable silicon pad to easily lift up to clean. Does your cat frequently hop into your pantry? Maybe having those little glass jars of herb oils right at the front is a bad idea. Do you have a tendency to stick your junk food cravings behind healthier options, only to reach back when you’re having a sugar craving, knocking over those organic snacks up front. Only you know how your pantry can best serve your needs.

We hope this blog will give you lots of great ideas for those weekend projects. Feel free to contact Red Umbrella Services if you need help!