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Feeling romantic? Want to do something special for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’re feeling a little low-key and want to keep it simple but meaningful? Why not host a romantic dinner for two, and while you’re at it – host it right in your garage?

A garage might not sound like the most romantic space, but it is a blank canvas that you can do whatever you will with. Frankly, if you want to have a romantic dinner for your hubby, he might be extra turned on by having it in the garage! And if it’s your wife or girlfriend, you can transform your garage easily and affordably.

Valentine’s Day gives us the opportunity to show our love, affection and gratitude toward the person that we adore the most. Flowers, chocolates, wines or champagne, dancing – these are all traditional ways that we use to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day. But if you’re that couple that like to do things in nontraditional ways, a romantic dinner at home in your garage might be really fun.

With the blank slate that is your garage, you can transform it into anything. Something whimsical, or moody, something nostalgic – maybe recreate the place where you two met?

For ideas on how to clean and clear your garage in anticipation of a party, check out our prior blogs.

Here are some ideas on what to do for your Valentine’s Day Garage Party:

Movie Night for Two: Rent a projector and play your favorite romantic movie. You can prepare food or cater it to meet the theme of your movie (Moroccan food paired with Casablanca or pastrami sandwiches with When Harry Met Sally) or enjoy a wine tasting. Consult with local sommeliers at any of our Willamette Valley wineries for a recommendation. If you do choose to have your romantic dinner catered, we recommend that you limit the caterer to dropping off and setting up and then discreetly disappearing – nobody wants to be a third wheel on your Valentine’s Day dinner!

Instead of a movie, you could also show a slide show of your own photographs, so that you can watch your relationship together through the years, snuggled up together over a beautiful dinner that reminds you of your first date.

Another way to celebrate your love is through the arts. You could use your garage for a romantic, inspired painting party for two. Or, hire two massage therapists who will conduct your couple’s massages in the comfort and privacy of your cozy garage, followed by champagne and fresh fruit. Throw in a facial and you’ll both be glowing from head to toe!

Garages are being reinvented every day around this country. No longer relegated to musty, dusty spaces where cars are parked and lawn equipment is stored – your garage can become whatever you dream of. Contact Red Umbrella Services if you have a creative idea for your garage and need a designer and builder to help you make it happen!