Create Your Greenhouse or SunSpace

Choose Red Umbrella for making your green dreams come true.
Greenhouses provide a space for growing your favorite plants,
as well provides extra energy savings when integrated with an existing structure

Traditional Construction

We can build any type of Garages
Traditonal features 2 x 6 framing using cut wood for construction.

More Than Just A Garage

A Custom Garage can be designed to be more then parking. It can provide much needed living space, room for storage items, a recreational room, or an area to spend time working on hobbies. With more than 25 years of experience in providing exceptional service to clients throughout Oregon, Owner Bari Swartz has built Red Umbrella following six guiding principles: simplicity, customer satisfaction, quality, teamwork, effectiveness and integrity.

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I have done business with Bari for over twenty-five years. Prompt, attention to detail and truly a man of his word. He always gets my first phone call when I need something built or repaired. I would never hesitate to reccomend him for a job.

Kieran Walsh

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Custom Garage

Your custom garage will provide extra space for storing tools, lawn care and sports equipment and other items your family wants to keep.  The second level can be a much-needed master bedroom, a mother-in-law suite, or a fully functioning apartment that can be rented or an office space or just providing addition income.


Once your Custom Garage goals are determined- how large it needs to be. We have a variety of garage styles and sizes to meet your needs. Red Umbrella Services specializes in custom garage designs and sizes to meet your specific needs.

Separate or Attached

Is the garage of your dreams attached to the house or does is stand-alone? Your choices are attached or detached/stand- alone…each option has new ideas of use. Attached Garages are ideal for staying dry on cold rainy mornings and detached garages allow for the use of loud mechanical equipment any hour of the day. Building a detached garage also offers the ability to hide it from street view.

Traditional or SIP

Red Umbrella builds your garages 2 different method; this depends on the situation, cost of the project and how insulated, green and energy efficient each Garage’s need. In the traditional sense, the materials are delivered to your site and from there we put together the lumber/materials into a fine garage. Another method is using a pre-made product called SIPs- Structural Insulated Panels of which a created and built elsewhere and delivered to your site.

Who is Red Umbrella?

Red Umbrella Services has over 40 years in the Construction Trades:

Bari Swartz’s background is that of a General Contractor, Electrical Supervisory Master Electrician in several U.S. States (Oregon, North Carolina, New England States; Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and New York), Facility Manager, Designer and now creating superb Garages with Red Umbrella Services.

We take great pride in our relationships as we maintain a very high level of professional standards.

We serve clients through out the Oregon area providing Garages both the traditional stick frame and SIP- Structural Insulated Panels.