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Juicy, succulent grapes. Toasty hazelnuts. Tart summer strawberries. Earthy roasted turnips and rutabagas. All delicious, and all grown right here in Eugene and the Willamette Valley. You could build quite the smorgasbord just by using locally-grown fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. It all sounds delicious!

But what if you’re craving something else? The sunny tanginess of a tangerine. The meaty bite of olives. A perfectly ripened Hass avocado. The stuff that doesn’t grow naturally in Eugene. What if that’s what you really want to eat?

You can buy all of these items, of course, from your local grocery and health food stores. They’re each delicious and good for you. But they’ve traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles to arrive in our town and into your grocery basket. What if you want to cut down on your carbon footprint without sacrificing the delicacies that are part of your diet? How do you accomplish that?

The answer is easy: greenhousing! With a greenhouse much of the produce that does not grow here naturally can be tended to. And a greenhouse does not have to be the size of a barn! There are some wonderful smaller greenhouse ideas that will allow you to keep on eating what you love, while not supporting the extra fuel costs to get it to you.


There are four seasons of greenhouse growing, so we encourage you to learn what will grow best in your greenhouse, and when. Even in the winter you can grow cold-hardy plants like kale, Brussel sprouts and parsnips in the sunny comfort of your own greenhouse. Grow leafy herbs and lettuces in the spring, bright citrus in the summer and, in the fall, how about some gorgeous Swiss chard and peppy carrots!

A full-size greenhouse might cost tens of thousands of dollars to build but, have no fear, less expensive options are also available and easy to build.

Want to build one yourself? Check out this easy greenhouse construction made of plastic bottles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4A64xn_wn8

Want a professional instead? Call Red Umbrella Services at 545.515.3843. We have built several greenhouses in the area and would be happy to show you a portfolio of our local work. We can build your greenhouse to the size you desire, and in the place on your property where you choose. We are also avid growers and are happy to offer advice on how to structure your greenhouse, outside and inside, and what plants to recommend.

Greenhouse Roof

If you have a green thumb and you’ve been wondering what it would take to construct a greenhouse at your home or business, to boost your family’s nutritional value, add to your raised bed vegetable garden bounty some more tropical plants and satisfy your craving for avocados, fresh citrus, even grow orchids and other humid-climate plants, let us know. We can build your greenhouse, consult on your build and provide instructions on establishing your greenhouse garden.

Red Umbrella Services: We build garages, greenhouses and so much more! Bon Appetit!