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We’ve been saving this blog for football season! Every dude needs a place to retreat, where they can be themselves (ahem, scratch themselves and belch at will). Turning your garage into a Man Cave is a great winter project. We’ll walk you through the steps to help you create the perfect getaway just a few steps away from home.


The first thing you need to do is thoroughly clean out your garage. Read our previous blog for a simple step-by-step guide to decluttering and clearing your garage.

If you’re planning to make this a year-round escape, you’ll want to add insulation to floors, walls, ceiling and garage door. It will probably cost around $1300 for insulation.


Paint the entire interior a warm color. You can leave the concrete floors, but have them painted or stained and add several comfy area rugs. Or add in carpet remnants for a much warmer and cozier space.

Garage lighting is not the most pleasant. Usually you have a single bulb, or overhead halogens. So install some task lighting or pendant lights. If you prefer a modern design, have recessed lights added. Contact an electrician for a quote.


You probably didn’t worry about security when all you parked in your garage was that old pickup. You can buy garage door locks at your local hardware store and the best security systems will sync with your phone so that no matter where you are in the world, you know what’s going on just outside of your man cave.


How many people will be watching the Trail Blazers in your Man Cave? Do you want a comfy sectional for multiple people or just an easy chair for yourself? If you’re going to work in your Man Cave you’ll need a table and a bench or straight-backed chair.

The intention is to create a getaway. If the wife sees how cozy the space is, she might want to hang out there. So, no fluffy pillows! Make this a space where you can be your own free, unfettered, masculine self (but install a storage cabinet to hide the tell-tale signs of comfort).


Along with a television, you may want your computer, gaming systems, refrigerator, kegerator and more in your Man Cave. Talk with your electrician about providing enough outlets for all of your devices.

Other Items

If you’re a sports fan, you might want to hang memorabilia from your favorite team in your Man Cave. But Man Caves aren’t just for sports enthusiasts – closet rock stars, classic car nuts, gamers and pool sharks can also create their ultimate space in their garage. Don’t forget to add in everyday items like a tool set, cellphone chargers, beer coozies, air freshener, music, golf clubs and more.

Red Umbrella Services loves to help our clients create the perfect spaces, for home and garage. If you want more ideas on how to turn your garage into a Man Cave, just call us at 541.515.3843!