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Each month we spotlight another way to celebrate with family, friends and neighbors by using your garage as a location for a party. During the winter, that can be challenging but we hope you will continue to use these ideas throughout the year.

This month, we’re talking about using your Garage as a party location by hosting a fundraiser. Many of us are passionate about particular causes and organizations. This is an excellent way to bring attention to the causes that matter most to you, while bringing people together in celebration. You can host a Fundraising Party in your home garage and gather together friends, family and neighbors to support your efforts.


We’re all familiar with the colors used by particular health-related non-profits and charities (Red for the American Heart Association, Pink for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research Center, etc) as well as the cheerful rainbow flag in solidarity with LGBTQ folk. Your fundraiser can support any organization – locally or globally – and can even raise funds on their behalf. It can be particularly lucrative when you get businesses involved in your fund-raising efforts. Talk with your local businesses in the neighborhood. Many may offer a discount to those who support your fundraising, or a special promotion on their behalf. They might even make a donation!

One way to fundraise is to have people sponsor your efforts. Want to walk or run on behalf of a particular cause? Your friends and neighbors can sponsor a dollar amount for every mile you complete. Kick off your run or walk by hosting a brunch in your garage that morning! Gather your happy crowd of enthusiastic cheerleaders and serve them a hearty meal, served by a local caterer or purchase baked goods from Reality Kitchen.

Another option is to throw a garage sale with funds raised to be donated to the charity of your choice. Get your neighbors together and have them all donate items for sale, and then be sure to spread the word. Call your local news organizations – many will happily offer airtime for free or at a discount if it’s going to a worthy cause. They might even send a field reporter to cover your fundraiser and get the word out!


After the fundraiser, be sure to use your garage to host a thank-you party for everyone who participated. Set up a bonfire in the driveway (be sure to check with the city for regulations on residential fires), pour some punch and thank those who helped make your efforts so successful. Invite the local businesses who helped to come out and shake hands with your supporters – it’s a great way for them to network. Maybe they’ll even donate some “trash and trinkets” as party favors?

You can imagine lots of ways to raise money and attention for the causes you believe in. Now you can picture using your own garage in those efforts!

Thanks for all you do to make our community a better, brighter place!