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So, you’re thinking about retiring from your high pressure job and doing something you find more fulfilling? You’ve been working on cars and trucks since you were a kid, hanging out with your dad in the driveway, tinkering with your first ride. You know your way around a carburetor. Now, you’d like to start a part-time business doing auto repair.

Or, you now have your own teenage sons or daughters and you’d like to teach them how to maintain their own vehicles. Oil changes, tire repairs, headlight replacements, simple fixes – you know how to do them. However, your kids think everything is automated these days. Why not set up a weekend auto repair shop, right in your home garage, to educate them on the basics of car repair?

You could even expand this into your neighborhood – ask all the kids from the block over to watch. Show them how to change out fuses, drain an oil pan. Or weld a rusty hole in the door, even repair some seat upholstery. What a great way to pass on your knowledge and wisdom, while enjoying time with the youngsters. It’s certainly a great way to bond with your own children (even if they act grumpy about it initially!)

Classic Car

Auto repair may actually be automated these days, but somebody is always going to share your love for classic cars. They’re going to need to know how to fix and maintain them. They need someone patient, to mentor them.

Whether you’re planning to use your new Auto Repair Shop for profit or for pleasure, there are some basic supplies you’re going to need. This will include:

If you’re going to convert your garage into an auto repair shop, you also have to upgrade the garage floor. You’re going to spill grease and oil and other fluids on it, of course, so you might as well protect them ahead of time.

Shop Front

It’s recommended that you use a non-skid paint for this type of project. Red Umbrella Services would be happy to consult on your garage reinvention. We are happy to provide our knowledge and expertise to make your vision a reality. Red Umbrella has the supplies and provisions, so you don’t have to order non-skid paint and other items. We can do that for you!

You just tell us what you’d like to do with that garage and we’ll sit down and show you how Red Umbrella Services can help! Our construction and renovation plans were created to help create the space where you feel at home. For all home and garage projects, please let us know how we can make your dream a reality.