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How long have you lived in your house? Does it feel dated to you, but you’re not in the market for a costly upgrade? For a low-cost, easy update – try updating the entrance of your home!

You can tackle a front entranceway project in a weekend or two and for only a small amount of money. This small home improvement project won’t break the bank and can probably be handled by you alone, without requiring a contractor. Front entrances are often the first thing that people see of your home, so make a statement but updating the appearance. Here are some of the ways you can spruce up your entrance:

Front Door

Paint your front door for a quick and inexpensive upgrade. Love the fall colors? How about an autumnal burnt orange or marigold yellow? Get inspired by Pantone’s Fall 2017 Fashion Color Report. Apply a contrasting color to the frame for added appeal. Accessorize with modern hardware including doorknob, kick plate and knocker. Or, add a decorative window above the door. Bonus: it will add light to your front room or entranceway.

front door upgrades

You could install an all-new porch if you don’t have one, which may require hiring a contractor. Or, just add an awning to make a statement and keep the rain from hitting you as you enter and exit your home. If you’re installing a new porch, be sure to get several cost estimates before you begin. If you have a porch, add new paint finishes to update the look.


Lighting offers a low-cost way to enhance your front entrance and add a much-needed security feature for better visibility. Solar lights are cheap and easy to find at any hardware store. Line the walkway or driveway. Or, install a spotlight. Add pendant lights or new sconces. Make sure you choose lighting effects that complement your home’s existing design style.


There are plenty of ways to accessorize your front porch and entrance. Update your outdoor furniture and cushions. Purchase a new welcome mat (or feature a seasonal welcome mat, four times a year). Replace your mailbox or house numbers. Plant an arbor (contact our friends at Johnson Brothers Garden Market for suggestions) to add climbing roses or other flowering vines for a charming front entrance look. Or add some quaint garden gnomes to perk up the front flower beds! For a smaller budget, install a few hanging baskets for flowers or greenery.

Remodeling your front door or entranceway can significantly boost the appearance and value of your home. While you’re at it, add some new safety upgrades along with the cosmetic updates. Keyless locks or a combination-code. A security camera. Replace your doorbell. Working with a very small budget? Upgrade to a repurposed door for a lower-cost alternative. Ask Red Umbrella Services to recommend affordable doors and windows.

Red Umbrella Services is happy to meet with you to discuss your porch or front entrance remodel. Just call us at 541.515.3843 and we will show you how to make your entrance something special!