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The 3rd Annual Eugene Comic Con is coming up on November 12th, 2017. This local celebration of comic books and entertainment is guaranteed to be a fun and vibrant gathering for our community including all fans of pop culture.

Eugene’s Comic Con is the second largest independently produced comic convention in the state of Oregon. For two days, we’ll be getting our Geek on at Lane Event Center along with 10,000+ other attendees.


Eugene’s 2017 Comic Con will boast 50,000 square feet of fun, along with vendors celebrating comics, toys plus cosplay. There, you can meet several celebrity guests, artists and writers including:

Actors Sherilyn Fenn, James Marshall, Kimmy Robertson, Harry Goaz (“Twin Peaks”), Cooper Andrews from “The Walking Dead” plus Daniel Logan of “Star Wars”.

Booker T (WWF Hall of Famer).

Disney and comic book artist Mike Royer.

Fans will be able to check out the Optimus Prime Semi Truck from “Transformers”, the Batman suit worn by Michael Keaton in three Tim Burton films, International cosplay star Nadyasonika, plus the Baby and AMC Gremlin from tv’s “Supernatural”.


Attendees will have the opportunity to win thousands of swag bags filled with goodies, along with other giveaways of comics, posters, buttons and money in cosplay prize and charity donations.

Code of Conduct

The Lane Event Center with Eugene Comic Con wants to remind everyone of the importance of safety and crowd control. Be sure to check out their Code of Conduct to learn more about what is acceptable behavior during Comic Con.

So, what is your all-time favorite comic? I have a love for 50s era schlock films and comics including a special nostalgia for the pinup era. Two of my favorites meld together for the famed “Tor Loves Betty” comic series featuring wrestler/Ed Wood movie actor Tor Johnson with queen of the pinups Betty Page. I have a very good friend who cosplays Sailor Moon.

by Ryder Windham (Editor) and Mike Zagorski (Illustrator)

What’s your favorite comic book?

How about comic-book inspired movies and television? I’ve been watching “The Walking Dead” since the day it first aired, although I haven’t read the comic series it’s based on.

From the world of Marvel to zombies, the twisted visions of filmmakers David Lynch and Tim Burton to Disney, there will be plenty for comic con fans to get excited about this year. This event is fun for all ages, too. It’s a great kick to bring the kids out to see their enthusiasm for some of their favorite characters.

Eugene’s Comic Con is the second-largest produce comic con in Oregon. Red Umbrella Services is always happy to share good news for the Eugene / Willamette Valley community. As active members of our town, we know the value of building connections plus celebrating each other’s passions. From Veterinarians to home owners, horticulturalists to cosplay fanatics – we celebrate the things you care the most about. If you have an upcoming event in the region and would like us to share it on our blog, please contact us.