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It’s a box. A square. A receptacle. A space. It has three walls, one or more doors and a roof. It might have windows. It has a floor. It could be small, medium or large. What is it?

It’s your garage! But oh, it can be so much more…

It might be for work or play. It can solve problems. It can inspire. It provides shelter. It may generate income. It can house your dreams. It can showcase your cars. It could be a gallery, a workshop, a nursery, a museum.

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Is there anything your garage can’t be? Not when Red Umbrella Services is your contractor. We build much more than garages, but we love working on these unique spaces because the sky is the limit when it comes to their potential.

We especially love that part of the conversation when we sit down with a client and find out what they’re planning to use their garage for. Will it be for their classic collection of motorcycles? Will their mother-in-law be living in it? Are they starting a new career as a sculptor and need a workshop? Might they be junkyard and estate sales aficionados?

Our favorites are those clients who require a new garage for multipurpose use. During the day it’s a workshop, but at night they make craft beer in their garage and host poker parties with their friends! Or, during the weekdays, it’s just a place to park the truck but on weekends it turns into a practice space for a rockabilly band! Maybe half of the garage is a greenhouse? Maybe it’s a shelter for rescue cats. Maybe you host pop-up art shows monthly in your garage. Maybe you work on a muscle car with your teenaged son or daughter and this is the one time each week when you two can really connect and communicate.

Working with Red Umbrella Services, we give voice to your dreams and help make them reality. A garage can be just a storage space for your vehicles, but it also can be so much more. If you’re thinking of a space that serves more than one function, this would not just be a great gig for Red Umbrella – it’s our fantasy job!

If you live in Eugene or anywhere within in the Willamette Valley, give Red Umbrella Services a call at 541.515.3843. We’ll schedule a time to meet with you, even with your family or colleagues, to help you create your dream garage. And if you require other types of construction – indoor or outdoor, we’re available for that as well. Follow our ongoing blog here to learn just what Red Umbrella Services can build for you!

Some of the other work offered by Red Umbrella Services includes:

Just how big can you dream?

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