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Building your custom home can be exhilarating, intimidating, awesome and fun sometimes all at once. Although these aspects of building can be true to you choosing a builder to work closely with that helps you from the very beginning; this will relieve you of some of the stresses and accentuate the positives.

Most custom home seekers have the sequencing of events a little backwards. They would like to find the perfect lot, purchase it, then hire an architect to design their dream home. They would then, ideally, take the plans to builders that would bid the project and decide whom to go with based on the lowest bid. However, this process should be reversed for serious would-be custom homeowners.

First, it is essential to have a great knowledgeable, years tested and trustworthy builder to help guide you through these processes of building your dream home. Local builders have spent years analyzing the market in their area and are experienced in the building codes, property values, material suppliers and subcontractors.

Many buyers have a disadvantage in selecting their properties that can include the proper vision or what the property warrants for the type of construction and this is necessary for the area or lot. Acute builders know what a property potential can become and can steer the design of the home to the right direction with finishes, architectural features, and site design maximization.

And please find/explore your budget, of your concepts and of what you want to build, and how much you need to spend.

If you are needing financing…the property much first be purchased before the Bank will work with you on your Dream Home.

First choosing a builder to work with is the most successful way for a buyer to build a custom home because it allows for a relationship to be built during the property acquisition, design, and budget requirement phases.

Some buyers fear that involving a builder early on may decrease leverage in terms of negotiating a cost for the home. In choosing a builder early it can reward the owner by having a commitment, making sure the team is compatible and having the knowledge of the builder on demand. In fact, the “costs” of the home to most builders should be irrelevant because the two most important factors that an owner should be concerned with in choosing a builder are 1) the fee they will charge and 2) the relationship that is developed. All the other costs associated with building the home are relative to the owners input on design, size, finishes, etc.

At the end of the day, you need to pick a builder you can trust while also having a well-constructed written contract. Owners should check references, meet or talk to previous builders’ clients and have the builder show them their processes while keeping the owner in the loop of all that is to come along the way.

If price is the only aspect that is driving an owner’s decision mistakes can be made or the owner can be stuck with a builder that doesn’t meet the standards of custom home building. Owners should seek to partner with a builder that can be trusted and that they feel will be a joy to work with.

Building a custom home is a lot of work. There are hundreds of decisions to be made during construction. At Red Umbrella Services LLC, we like to say, “we’ll build your home as fast as you’ll let us.” This means that there is a responsibility of the owner to make these decisions, but as a good builder we will be unwavering in our ability to make the process enjoyable and productive. By assembling the right team and being realistic in the approach while managing expectations you will be on the proper path to building the home of your dreams. Red Umbrella Services LLC is uniquely positioned
with the knowledge and expertise to bring the reality of your new custom home to fruition.

Contact Us today to discuss building your new custom home.

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