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Here in Lane County, Oregon, it takes a special kind of contractor to erect a garage. There are factors at work in this area, whether it’s Eugene, Florence, Corvallis or farther afield, such as Salem or Roseburg, that makes a professional company like Red Umbrella a must.

First of all, the weather here is different from other areas. A garage in Oregon has to have plenty of drainage and be watertight. In addition, every town and country have their own municipal building codes that must be followed. A third consideration in Lane County, unfortunately, is the many break-ins that plague our cities. However, there are a number of ways to outwit these thieves.

In this blog, let’s start with five main reasons to hire a contractor like Red Umbrella to build your garage, instead of doing it yourself.

1 – Experience
Number one is obvious – experience. A contractor like Red Umbrella knows the ins and outs of construction. They’re up on the important stuff, like preparing the site, preparing blueprints and reading them, what kind of workers to use and all the other “little things” that can become huge problems later if they aren’t anticipated first thing.

2- In Charge
Secondly, they’re in charge of everything so you don’t have to be monkeying around constantly trying to keep things on track. They have relations with all the local tradespeople, they work out the budget and as they say in the business, get everything “lined out”.

3 – Building Codes
A third reason, and an important one, is knowing all the various building codes for the area. Codes in Eugene, Oregon will be different than ones in Portland. Each city has codes that include things like building size, accessibility, ventilation, etc. There are horror stories about DIY enthusiasts who were required to tear down completed garages because they didn’t follow (or were not even aware of) the rules.

4- Licensed and Insured
Another good reason, and the fourth one, is that the contractor is licensed and insured. They’re not some fly-by-night operation and since they’re insured, if any problems do come up or there is an accident, you the homeowner are not financially liable.

5- Piece of Mind
And finally, plain old peace of mind. You can watch the Oregon Ducks playing a game while the contractor is out there in the rain. Who needs more stress these days?

Take it easy and know that you’ll have the perfect garage in no time!