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Garage Remodel: Home Office

Red Umbrella Services works with many homeowners who want to get rid of their daily drive and work from their home. Garages can affordably convert into office space. Not only will you save money on gas, but you’ll also spend less on food. If you’re not using your garage, this is a great way to […]

Front Entrance Upgrades

How long have you lived in your house? Does it feel dated to you, but you’re not in the market for a costly upgrade? For a low-cost, easy update – try updating the entrance of your home! You can tackle a front entranceway project in a weekend or two and for only a small amount […]

Garage Party: Harvest Festival

The leaves have changed color and dropped from trees and soon, Thanksgiving season will arrive. This is harvest season here in Willamette Valley and our region is certainly known for its bounty of beautiful fruits and vegetables. Why not celebrate the harvest season with a block party? We love a good garage party at Red […]

Eugene Comic Con 2017

The 3rd Annual Eugene Comic Con is coming up on November 12th, 2017. This local celebration of comic books and entertainment is guaranteed to be a fun and vibrant gathering for our community including all fans of pop culture. Eugene’s Comic Con is the second largest independently produced comic convention in the state of Oregon. For […]