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How Big Can You Dream?

It’s a box. A square. A receptacle. A space. It has three walls, one or more doors and a roof. It might have windows. It has a floor. It could be small, medium or large. What is it? It’s your garage! But oh, it can be so much more… It might be for work or […]

So, You’re Thinking About Remodeling?

Looking to add a garage to your home or commercial space? Or perhaps you need a remodel of your kitchen, bathroom or living areas in your house? Red Umbrella Services offers a variety of build options. We’ve been in business in Eugene for more than 25 years. Our projects have included General Contracting, Restaurant Construction, […]

Red Umbrella Services

In today’s world, Red Umbrella Services realizes that individuals and businesses alike need someone who can cost-effectively create the space needed to make your dreams a reality. Red Umbrella Services offers quality construction work for garages and houses and other living and working spaces in Eugene, Oregon and throughout Willamette Valley and western Oregon. Garages […]